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Why Should You Train your body to it’s limits Everyday?

I workout every single day of the year and I don’t take rest days never. some people ask me why should you train everyday? and I answer them “I do it to train my mind not for my body”. That’s what I’m going to explain all of you guys in this blog post that Why I train so hard every single day.

Everyday is a new beginning and a new chance to make God and yourself proud.

why should you train everyday

Andrew Tate Also Trains Everyday – And there are many other people in this world who train every day, and there’s nothing bad about doing this, it strengthens you mentally to do hard things everyday. some people are hard wired that way that until and unless do something really challenging everyday, they don’t feel satisfied. It’s more for personal satisfaction than it is for fitness.

Think of Trainings / Workouts as a daily routine thing, like brushing your teeth or Praying etc. You never go a day without brushing your teeth right? that’s how you should take your trainings as well. Workout should be a part of Every man’s daily routine.

Brushing your teeth keeps your teeth clean, Likewise Training hard everyday trains your mind to do hard things everyday regardless of how you feel.

Every day you should do very hard workouts, the workout which push your body to limits – doing this will train and program your mind to do hard things.

Because I must tell you one thing and that is – Workouts are really hard if you do it the right way, if you don’t take extra rest time, do the number of reps you are supposed to do, don’t skip any exercise, goes to workout every single day regardless of how you feel then it makes the workout really hard.

And it’s that exact time when your mind throws a tantrum at you with the thoughts of “let’s just skip this workout, it’s so painful”, “let’s just take extra rest time”, “let’s not go to workout today” these are little bitch voices in everybody’s head, and you have to act bravely in that exact minute and tell your brain that you don’t control what I want to do, I will do it whatever it takes to become great.

And this exact mindset gets translated to other aspects of your life as well, hard workouts trains your mind to do hard things in life irregardless of how you feel. No matter what that hard thing is, you will get it done anyhow if you have properly trained your mind. It will be easy for you.

I never take rest days, not because I like training – Trust me I never feel like going for my workouts in early mornings – But I go everyday – because I’m Disciplined and also because I feel like a coward, bitch, or little pussy If I go a day without workout.

The reason why I train everyday is because I love every single minute of Workout / Training – Every single workout rep gets harder and harder as I progress forward – It involves pain, sweat, determination and all those things. Which I love.

If you are a man then it is your duty to be in the best physical condition as possible, and if god chose to give you a day to live then prove to god that you are worthy of having that day by doing things which will make him proud of you, do hard things, do things that will help you to become a better version of yourself every single day.

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