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How To Quit All Your Bad Habits Forever

If there are holes in boat through which water comes inside the boat, then it will slowly but surely drown the whole boat, Bad habits are also somewhat similar, at first they appear harmless and we enjoy doing them but as we continue repeating those habits it becomes our addiction we don’t even realise that these bad habits are slowly ruining our whole life.

Take smoking ciggrates for example, each time you inhale a ciggrate, you might think and question to yourself, “what this small ciggrate is gonna do to your body”?, but it soon becomes an addiction, and you feel the need to smoke everyday to feel that high, and then eventually you get a lung cancer and slowly it kills you.

So you have to Break The Chain and put an end to all those bad habits and addictions once and for all. You have to Draw a Line that you will not do it beyond this point of time.

Because it has already done enough harm to your body and there’s so much to live for.

You have to make a commitment to yourself For quitting any bad habits of any kind. You have to have Will power to never touch that thing again.

How I overcame My Bad Habits

Once upon a time I used to be a victim and a slave to all the bad habits you can imagine like Scrolling social media all day, watching porn, masturbation, procrastinating, sleeping all day, smoking ciggrates, drinking alcohol, Binge watching YouTube, Overeating etc.

One day I sat down and I questioned myself, is that all I have to my life? Will I forever be like this? And I felt deep shame inside of me because I have wasted so much time in my life and most of it was because of my bad habits and addictions. I was fat out of shape, nobody respected me, I had no achievements in life, nobody knew who I was, had no girlfriend, I felt deep shame as a young guy at that point of time.

I said enough is enough – I am leaving all those things here, I will not take this things in my future, I promised myself a bright future.

So I figured out all the habits/things which were bad for me and I decided to completely eliminate those things from my life which were not helping me grow in any way shape or form and I also decided to add some rituals to my life which will stop me from being a fucking loser.

I started working out, started going out more with friends, started building a YouTube channel around my interest i.e Fitness and I never feel like going back to my bad addictions again.

Always remember brothers, there is only one thing which separates a slave from a king. And it’s discipline. You will never become great if you continue living like a slave. So you have to make a decision, either an exceptional life or the life of a slave. You Decide.

I always remember the below mentioned lines, these lines reminds me why I have to stay away from the slave habits

  1. God is always watching and he’s going to either reward you or punish you in the end based on your actions
  2. The beauty of life as man is to be great
  3. There’s no place in this world for average men
  4. Adopt the qualities of a God, A king and not a slave

Remember the above lines and you will never think about becoming a slave to your addictions again.

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