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How To Build An Aesthetic Physique [Without Going to The Gym] Easy Guide

A well built Aesthetic Physique is a mark of a person’s Hard work, dedication, commitment, discipline and a very systematic approach towards his Diet and Training.

Today in this blog post I will tell you How To Build An Aesthetic Physique without going to the gym.

An Aesthetic Physique is something that every person who works out dreams of but only a select few are the people who actually achieves it, because only a few people have what it takes to build an aesthetic physique. To push through the pain and go to the other side of it.

But if you know the right approach to Training and Diet and is willing to work hard then you can achieve a well built Aesthetic Physique in just 3 months like I did.

Build An Aesthetic Physique

How To Build An Aesthetic Physique

  1. Slim Waist
  2. Well Built Chest, Broad Shoulders and Back
  3. Low Body Fat Percentage
  4. Defined Abs
  5. Decent Muscle Mass but Not Heavily Muscular
Build An Aesthetic Physique

Building an aesthetic physique requires hard work – like every worthy thing in this world, building an aesthetic physique also requires hard work.

If you want to build an aesthetic physique then you should focus on building your overall body and it should be well balanced and symmetrical but you have to focus more on building your Chest, Shoulders, Lats, abs, Traps, and arms because these are the muscle groups which gives our body the proper look of an aesthetic physique – The Broad Shoulders and V Taper Look.

Don’t get me wrong, you still have to train every muscles of your body but you have to put more effort on the above listed muscles to give your body an aesthetic look.

Workout & Training

With the right approach to training you can Build An Aesthetic Physique in just a few months.

You can build an aesthetic physique with any type of training like Bodyweight workouts, Gym Workouts, CrossFit training, Powerlifting etc. But I have achieved my Aesthetic Body particularly with bodyweight workouts.

So let’s talk about how you too can achieve it with bodyweight workouts. I will also give my personal bodyweight Workout program which I followed to get my body in an aesthetic shape. so stay tuned.

I perform my workout in 4 phase and No rest in between these workout phases

  1. Cardio – 20 to 30 minutes
  2. Bodyweight Exercises – 45 minutes to 1 hour
  3. Abs Exercises – 20 to 30 minutes
  4. Plank 3 sets of 1 minute – 3 minutes

I workout in 4 phases because I want to train the overall aspects of my body – The 350° Approach – Where I Train my cardio for heart health, and for burning extra calories and for maintaining my body fat percentage low, I also train with Bodyweight exercises for giving good shape to my body, I also train abs and mid section because that’s the thing Most beautiful thing in a man’s body and most people don’t have It and I like to have it.

This approach helps me to train my overall aspect of the body.

I always try to complete my workout in under 2 hours

Cardio For Burning Fat

Build An Aesthetic Physique

Doing cardio is a must of you want to build an aesthetic body, because one of the mark of an aesthetic body is that it is low in body fat percentage – ideally between the range of 8% to 12%.

Cardio helps you to burn excessive body fat in your body and also keeps your heart and cardiovascular system healthy that’s why you should do cardio everyday for at least 10 minutes.

My body fat percentage whole year around is between 8% to 10% and my body fat percentage never goes above 10% whole year because I do cardio everyday and also because of my discipline in diet and training and also a healthy lifestyle.

So I suggest everybody to do the cardio everyday if you want to build an aesthetic physique.

I suggest everybody to do at least 10 minutes cardio everyday, even if they don’t workout, children or old people, everybody can benefit from cardio because cardio is very good for your heart health.

Do the cardio everyday even if it is just for 10 minutes a day, but do it everyday – The cardio can be any form of high intensity cardio like Running, Swimming, Rope Skipping, Cycling etc. But in my Experience Rope Skipping is the best Cardio out there because it burns the most calories as compared to other forms of cardio.

I personally do 40 minutes of Intense Rope Skipping cardio everyday before moving on to other exercises. It is also a very good warmup for your whole body before moving on to Strength training and other exercises.

Bodyweight Exercises

I followed the above mentioned workout program to get my body in an Aesthetic shape.

For getting your body in shape you must do some form of resistance training – it can be in the form of bodyweight exercises, Gym Exercises or any exercise that pushes your body.

Also remember to progressively overload your workout with more reps, more weights, taking less rest time wherever possible for maximum growth.

Abs – Train Abs Everyday

Abs are the most prominent feature of an aesthetic body, A well built defined and toned abs adds more beauty to your body. A body without a slim waist and well built defined abs doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing so you must focus on building your abs if you want an aesthetic physique.

I train my abs everyday for about 20 – 30 minutes, i train them everyday because I want to train them everyday and it helps to maintain my 6 packs and maintain my slim waist.

But you don’t have to train them everyday, I mean if you like to train abs everyday like me then go ahead there is no problem with it but some people just don’t train abs everyday. But i would suggest you to train your abs everyday if you want to get a V Taper aesthetic Physique.


Plank is an excellent exercise for building core strength and burning belly fat which has been used since a very long time by obese people to shed some belly fat from their body.

Performing Plank exercise will help you to get a slim waist.

I perform 3 sets of plank to finish my daily workout and I take 1 minute rest in between sets.


Nutrition is one of the basic fundamental pillars for building an Aesthetic Physique, Without proper nutrition you cannot build an aesthetic body.

Nutrition is like fuel which you provide your body for proper functioning and for proper growth and repair of your muscles.

I suggest people to Prioritize protein in each meal they take, I suggest people to take 1.5 to 2 gram of protein per KG of their body weight.

Also consuming other macronutrients like carbohydrates and fats is also important for optimal and proper functioning of their body.

I live in India and since my childhood I was used to eating a traditional Indian diet like Dal, Chawal, Roti, Sabzi Etc. In which you rarely get sufficient protein intake for the whole day. In most of our Indian diets we only get about 50g of protein in whole day.

But When I became Knowledgeable about diet and Nutrition I consciously started adding protein rich foods to my daily diet like eggs, chicken, fish and prawn which helped me to build more muscle and lose fat at the same time.

I also stay away from Junk food, Processed Food and Sugary foods and drinks because those food items only harm your body.

Rest & Sleep

Rest is very important for proper recovery of your muscles, and you should incorporate strategic rest days in your weekly schedule for giving your body proper time to recover.

But Keep in mind that you also should train as hard as possible so that your body actually requires rest, otherwise taking rest days is not really required if you don’t train hard enough.

I only Take Rest Days on Demand – When my body is really tired and can’t even get up from bed to go the next day then only I take rest days otherwise I think that it’s not really required.

Everyday you must sleep at least 7 hours to give your mind and your body a proper rest.


Building an Aesthetic Physique is not a rocket science and anyone who follows a disciplined healthy lifestyle, works out at least 5 days a week consistently and have a clean diet can achieve it in a few months.

Just follow the workout routine given in this blog post and eat protein rich diet and you will be well on your way to build an aesthetic physique.

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