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  1. Learn to write carefully – by reading more – start by writing only 100 words articles – Love the art of writing first.
  2. Start with blogger platform if budget is low, but if you can invest some money then start on WordPress self hosted platform.
  3. Buy custom domain from GoDaddy
  4. Hostinger for beginners low traffic blogs, but go with WpEngine, Cloudways for high traffic websites
  5. Do Nots in blogging
    • Don’t try to do SEO from the start – just start and fall in love with writing first – Write 100 articles without any expectations of return.
    • Forget indexing – just focus on taking action and writing results – don’t check your rankings before 500 articles.
    • Never share on social media – your Facebook friends are not your Target audience. They will demoralize you. And criticize you.
    • Never apply for AdSense in the beginning.
    • In starting write on multi niche if you can’t decide niche. Just write something to start.
  6. Write 1 articles per day for 60 days – and track everything – mention day 1, article length, niche in Excel sheet.
  7. Fail and take the Learning
  1. Make a new blog and host on the same hosting – because Google sees it as a fresh blog rather than a spammy blog which posts about everything
  2. select a niche – Make a hub of that niche – it should be a niche you love – E.E.A.T.
  3. Article length 500 words for first 60 articles and then start increasing length of blog posts gradually
  4. Target
    • 1 article per day – First 60 keywords researched SEO optimised articles of 500 words or above
    • Gain Google’s trust by publishing consistently
    • then 1000 words
    • then as required
    • Find new blog post ideas and note them down in an Excel sheet
    • Do keywords research
    • never waste money on keyword research tools – they show wrong data – they all show old data
    • Use Google trends for analysing the trend of keyword.
  5. do SEO
  6. Install RankMath SEO – it will help you to do basic SEO for blog posts – Also attach schema type on blog posts
  7. Track data on Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  8. itne me apke paas achha khasa traffic aane lag jayega
  9. jab apke paas 1000 page views per day aane lag jaye Google se traffic tab AdSense laga lekin
  10. Affiliate bhi laga lein
  11. Traffic aayega tabhi Paisa ayega, Bina traffic ke AdSense, affiliate kisi se Paisa nahi ayega
  12. Make Ecosystem
    • Social media channels
    • Send users to your blog from different social media channels like YTB, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  13. Create backlinks at last – it can make you or break you – be careful
  14. repeat the phase 2 – keep learning and you will earn eventually. Just be with the flow.
  15. Never stick to a failing blog
  16. Set up googlealerts for your Niche keywords – ex: fat loss, body recomposition, body transformation, fitness coaching, diet, nutrition etc. – for getting fresh blog post ideas related to your niche.
  17. Stages of a Blogger
    • 0 – 0 knowledge
    • 1 – 25 articles of past, present and future
    • 2 – 1 article because you know what to write at that point of time through your experience and mistakes and learnings.
  19. Types of traffic sources
    • Organic
    • Social
    • viral
    • Direct
  20. google wants to show its users the most useful content that’s why make it as detailed as possible
  1. Different keywords mean different things that’s why sometimes we get different results when we search something
  2. Intent = what people actually want
  3. Keywords types
    • Navigational
    • Informational
    • Transactional
    • comparisonal keyeords
    • local Keywords
    • Short tail keywords – low volume highly specific
    • Long tail keywords – high volume but not specific
  4. keyword volume – always work on things which have some volume
  5. keyword difficulty – It’s useless
  6. All the keyword tools are useless – they are only useful for getting backlinks information.
  7. Use Google keyword planner for Keywords volume
  8. How to do keywords research
    • People also ask for
    • Google autosuggest
    • – used for autosuggest
  9. There are billions of Google searches daily and 15% of those searches are those type of searches that Google doesn’t have answer to – that’s why aim to write blog posts about fresh content
  10. Backlinks get created organically when your content and overall website is genuine, authentic and useful.
  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Ahrefs
  3. SEMRush
  4. Answer Socrates
  5. Google Trends
  6. Soovle
  7. SEO Surfer – Extension
  8. KW Finder
  9. Moz Keywords Explorer
  10. Mozbar
  11. WordStream

Use Google Alphabet Soup Autosuggest method For Generating Blog Content ideas – Its really Very Good – Just go to google and let google autofill – these are keywords people are searching – searches related to – people also ask – these places are good for finding ideas – Answer Socrates – Answer the public – DuckDuckGo Autosuggest engine is very good The Data on Keyword research tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush are wrong – use this method for finding keywords

  1. Fall in love with writing articles first – This is the first step.
  2. Use Notion AI for rewriting articled and correcting grammatical mistakes.
  3. Always Write on Fresh and new topics you will get ranked fast and get lots of traffic
  4. Use Google alerts for getting new topic ideas for blog post
  5. use keywords research for writing articles
  6. Title – Intro – Subheadings – Conclusion
  7. you can find Subheadings from
    • Autosuggest
    • People also ask
    • related searches
  8. Keep updating the articles with up to date relevant information
  9. See SERP results – observe and react – And analyse the top 10
  10. Add year in the title
  11. Add table of contents
  12. Add Internal Link and External links to relevant sources
  13. Add FAQs
  14. Add schema type
  15. ignore content readability and title readability of RankMath
  16. use copyright free images or use canva for creating images
  17. use image compression
  18. Add alt text in image
  19. add RankMath schema to you posts wherever necessary
  20. Use categories and tags
  21. write proper SEO optimised articles
  22. Good content automatically attracts backlinks
  23. internal link, external link, category, tags
  24. use images
  25. use proper formatting
  26. webiste speed should be good
  27. https enabled
  28. AMP enabled – but it’s a very hard task to implement AMP properly
  29. cache enabled
  30. Social signals
  31. Web mention
  32. technical seo
  33. Add push notifications
  34. add web stories plugin and enable on RankMath, sitemap on RankMath
  35. add Google site kit plugin
  1. Adsense 🔥
  2. Direct Ads
  3. Instant Articles
  4. Affiliate Marketing 🔥
  5. Refer and Earn 🔥
  6. Sell your blog
  7. Sponsored posts 🔥
  8. Taboola ads
  9. Make WordPress blogs and provide WordPress services
  10. Provide PBN Network and Backlink services
  11. Content Writing Services 🔥
  12. SEO services + seo tools investment
  13. Guest Post 🔥
  14. Graphic Design Services
  15. web story making services
  16. Replying comments and solving their problems and making a community 🔥
  17. Selling AdSense – Making an AdSense approved blog – take approval and configure other’s blog for AdSense 🔥
  18. Facebook pages and groups – build a Facebook community and monetize it 🔥
  19. Sell Hosting
  20. write personal scripts
  21. Sell eBooks related to your blog’s niche 🔥
  22. Sell Courses 🔥
  23. Make WordPress plugins and tools
  1. Digital Marketing – traffic will start coming after 50 articles
  2. Migrating to USA from India – traffic will start coming after 50 articles
  3. Fitness – traffic will start coming after 50 articles
  4. Web Series – traffic will start coming after 50 articles – very easy niche for movie lovers
  5. Electric Cars and vehicles– traffic will start coming after 50 articles
  6. Mobile Phones – traffic will start coming after 50 articles
  7. Pets – traffic will start coming after 50 articles
  8. traffic challan – traffic will start coming after 50 articles
  9. Biography, Net Worth, Top 10 – traffic will start coming after 50 articles

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