Hello, Everyone, this is Tarun Kashyap 👋

I started this website on January 5, 2024, mainly to help Other People Who want to improve their health and live a healthy lifestyle without going to the GYM just by doing little lifestyle changes and doing workout from home.

I believe there are lots of people out there who can benefit from this blog because I have learned so many things from my own personal life experience – through trials and errors – I know what fitness advice works and what doesn’t. And I want to share all of that with you guys so you can avoid those mistakes.

And I also Want to state that this Blog Uses Affiliate links at some places of the blog. Over the past few years of this blog’s Lifespan I’ve affiliated with some of the most Reputed and most trusted affiliate programs in the world and If you click on those links, I’ll get a small commission which buys me a coffee at no extra costs to you 🙂.

I don’t get anything like free products cash or anything like that for mentioning them. I just mention them because I think that’s what is best for my blog readers and website visitors.

I only promote products or services that I have personally used or am Using right now or have researched the most about because I believe in transparency and my audience’s trust is the lifeblood of this blog so I don’t want to lose it by promoting any spammy product.

If you have any Questions Regarding this, please contact me at [email protected]

Have a Good time on this Website.