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25 Important Life Lessons from 25 Years of my Life

I was born on 1st May in the year 1999, and at the time of writing this article, I have already completed 25 years and 24 days on this planet named Earth 🌎.

And through all these years I’ve gained some of the very important life lessons which I’ve learnt in my journey. So today I want to share these lessons which are very close to my heart with all of you guys hope you guys will learn something from it.

  1. As a man you must Adopt the qualities of a God to be respected by other people
    • Always Abundant – A God is complete and doesn’t need anything from anyone
    • A Man’s Foundation should be strong – A loving family, a good mental state, financially doing good, socially respectable, mentally sound. then only he will be a good functioning part of the society.
    • Have the attitude of a God especially when dealing with females
    • self assured
    • never seeks approval and validation
    • Never begs (asks for help)
    • A God never complain about his problems to anyone because he’s the God – Never whine, never complain, never try to justify yourself.
    • Never asks for suggestions because he knows
    • Never tries to prove something to anyone because I know and that’s enough
    • Never talk to anybody without any reason, Never give away your time to anybody for free, a God never does that – Your words lose value when you talk too much
    • Always Dream high and always talk of achieving high
    • Cut out people who are not good devotees
    • A God is always better than ordinary people so always work harder than the rest because there’s no place in this world for average people
    • Learn to make your mind calm and stable in both Happiness and Sadness, no external situation should have power to intimidate or make you impatient.
    • Never display any weakness, be flawless, the moment you show your weakness is the moment people will start attacking it to bring you down.
    • Never Reveal too much information about yourself to anyone – You never know who might attack you.
    • Always Be On Time like a God – because Time waits for Nobody – Not even for the God – do right things on the right time – always make the best possible moves on the chess board.
    • Don’t seem like a try hard person, Make everything seem effortless – One never sees the source of a god’s power revealed; one only sees its effects.
    • Never allow weakness near yourself , it’s contagious, never be around weak people. they will bring you down to their level.
    • The only way for a man to matter in this world is to become an exceptional man – because average people have no place in this world.
  2. A man’s reputation, character and respect is everything, craft it with the precision of an artist.
  3. Play more – To get more out of life, you must ask more out of life
  4. As a man you must Always be true to your principles, morals, values and beliefs
  5. People only respect Money, Power, and your utility. they don’t care about you. Only Your parents are the ones who truly care about you.
  6. Nothing in this world is permanent – if times are bad Today, doesn’t mean that it will be like this forever, There always comes a Sunny day after a Storm. And good things also don’t last forever, both good and bad both have expiry dates. so that’s why be extra careful of your good things because they are going to end someday, and your bad days are also not going to last forever.
  7. Less is more – 80% of the results come from 20% of work – Paretos Principle – Learn to prioritise important tasks which actually gives results and cut out all the bullshit.
  8. God is always watching
  9. Believe in yourself and unbelievable things will start happening soon
  10. You can win with hard work alone if you actually try your best all of the time.
  11. Always make the brave choice that scares you because your mind and heart both knows that it will give you the most satisfaction.
  12. Take up one idea or a Goal and make that your Life – otherwise you will always get distracted
  13. Eliminate all the unnecessary voices from your head, declutter your head, to think clearly.
  14. You must know yourself inside out. You must know your own shortcomings and your strong points.
  15. Life is like a game of chess – you can make the best possible moves and win at life
  16. A man should Move through life with Constant Forward Pressure and never rest, A man is only supposed to reast at his death bed.
  17. Speed is very important in life as a man, Speed gets you things before others, speed helps you make money, speed helps you get everything in life. Without speed you will only be served leftovers.
  18. Purity in Work – while working, Dedicate yourself to work entirely for that work. Do deep work, to get the most work done. Quality work.
  19. An important man’s life is always be stressed – Stress and significance are linked, so if you want to become an important man, Learn to deal with stress and smile through life regardless of the situation.
  20. Your Marketing is your responsibility in this modern day world – Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai
  21. Live a minimal life – simple life – clutter free life
  22. The things which are made for you will feel effortless to you, whether it’s love, friendships, relationships or anything, what’s for you will always feel effortless.
  23. Life is short and time flies by quickly, do what you want to do quickly or you will forever regret. Ask that girl out, start that business, shoot that shot, everything quick, quick, quick, life moves with speed.
  24. You will never be fully ready in life – Just start doing whatever you want to start, because you will never be fully ready, just take the moment and make it perfect
  25. Play to your advantages, to your flow state, do what feels effortless to you – because that’s what will make your journey easy and more enjoyable – no matter what it is, relationship, career, friendship or whatever – you don’t even have to try for things what belongs to you. the other way around is full of pain.

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