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How to Motivate Yourself to Get Back on Track After a Setback

If you’re going through a dark phase in your life just remember this – You’re not born to live in that dark place forever, trust me there’s people out there who have it worse than you, they would love to switch places with you. Some people in the world don’t have food to eat, don’t have a home to live, their parents are dead, some are born with physical disabilities, and many more bad things that you couldn’t even possibly imagine.

Whatever happened, it cannot be changed, you can’t go back in time and change the things but you can be careful going forward and make the best possible moves so that you never have to face the same consequences again.

Broke up with a girl? Lost you job? Feel like a failure in life? Whatever your problem may be, there’s always a solution. these things are very silly things to worry and cost your mental peace. You can get a new job or start a new business, find another relationship partner, start something meaningful and purposeful to your life and you wouldn’t feel the same way.

Yeah I agree there are also some things that can’t be negotiated for and fixed like passing away of a family member, yeah that thing is really traumatic, but your decreased family will never want you to be depressed, crying, traumatized for days, months or years. He would have only wanted good things for you. He would want you to mourn a little bit and get back on track with full speed.

So if you think that the problem that you’re going through is the worst that could happen to you, just try to imagine what other people in the world are deprived of that you have which you are not grateful for. You are alive, free from any illness, breathing fresh air, have food to eat, have a place to live, have people to talk to, if you have these things then you are extremely lucky my friend because most people haven’t got that.

And you and only you in this whole world have the power to get out of that situation – God gave you power to think and act consciously, don’t act like a defenseless, powerless coward, show life that whatever problems life throws at you, you are unbothered by it, you are strong enough that it doesn’t affect you in any way shape or form. You have the choice to stay down there or to fight back.

Bad things happen to everybody in life, Life is not all the rainbows and sunshine, there will also be the days with thunderstorms, Rainstorms, tsunamis and volcanoes erupting. That’s the beauty of life. No one have it perfect.

Trust god’s plan and do everything in your power to get back your life on track. because in the end you will only regret wasting time.

Just say “Ok I’m in this bad position in my life right now, what’s the best possible thing to do to get out of this position” and you will find your way. every problem has a way, every lock has a key to unlock it, every difficult road leads to a beautiful destination. Just embrace the difficulty and live through it. and in the end you will be thankful they happened to you because it will make you a better person. it will make you mentally stronger, and also you will gain lots of valuable lessons of life.

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