Personal Fitness Progress

I started working out when I was 16 years old, although I’m not very consistent with my workouts but yeah I’m very active when it comes to physical activity. And I workout at least thrice a week.

Everyday I workout 1:30 hours ~ 90 Minutes, extremely High pace with little to no rest in between.

My Everyday Workout include 👇

  1. I start with 30 minutes rope skipping – High pace cardio.
  2. After cardio I move on to 45 minutes Bodyweight Exercises like pushups, pull-ups, squats – everyday i target different muscle.
    1. Day one – Different pushup variations
    2. Day two – Different Pull up variations
    3. Day three – Different Squat variations
    4. Repeat from day one and I take no rest day in between.
  3. After Bodyweight Exercises I move on to 15 – 20 minutes Abs workout.
  4. After abs workout I Finish my workout with 3 sets of 1 minute plank.

In this post I’ll keep you updated with my Fitness Progress. I’ll keep adding the latest fitness progress images here so I can compare.

27 September 2022

17 September 2022 👇

10 September 2022 👇

7 September 2022 👇

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