What We Don't Do

Useless Supplements & Herbs

Most of these products are proven by research to be useless still they are being sold, but also are outright dangerous. The supplement and fitness industry has been created – purposely – to fool you.

No Fancy Diets

Your Home cooked food is the healthiest and it contains all the Important nutrients - you just need to tweak it a little bit. I will also share my personal super foods list which are easily available in every local market.

We Don't Measure Food

You can get fit without having to track and measure everything you eat like a Nerd - I'll show you how you can get fit without tracking macros while enjoying all of your favorite foods.


Our society is more out of shape and obese than ever before. We just can’t figure out what we need to do to get healthy for some reason.

Everywhere we go, we’re faced with shiny objects, quick promises, and click-bait (BS) articles. In my coaching program, I teach my clients just how simple fitness is.

It’s not tricky, and it’s not overly complex – and my clients will tell you the same thing. So, why does everyone think fitness is so difficult?

Why can’t we figure it out?

These are the questions which are faced by millions of frustrated men and women, every day.

I understand this well. I used to have these questions myself…


✅ You would like to maximize your fitness “ROI” – return-on-investment

✅ You are willing to WORKOUT at least 3 times per week for about 45 minutes

You would like to learn how to eat strategically – whatever you wish – and continue to lose fat

✅ You would like to eat large, satisfying, delicious meals – while “dieting”

✅ You want to learn how to keep things SIMPLE and focus on the “Big Rocks” of fitness

✅ You want to Learn the skills necessary to get lean and stay lean permanently

Be sure you read that last bullet point carefully… because THAT’S my goal for every client who comes my way.

When you Finish The Aesthetic Physique Blueprint, I never want you to need to buy another fitness program ever again.

I have a long track record of being the *very* last program My clients will ever need…

Meet Your Fitness Coach

Hi My name is Tarun Kashyap and I’ve been working out since the past 10 years (a Decade) and I’ve learned a lot of important lessons about fitness and life through my trials and errors.

My goal with this fitness coaching program is that I want to help other people to achieve the body of their dreams.

Through this fitness coaching program I want to teach other people how important it is to be healthy in today’s generation where every other individual is overweight or unhealthy.

I will also instill the discipline and mindset necessary for getting in the Elite shape and maintaining it forever. This coaching program will not only transform your body but will also train you mentally and spiritually for becoming an overall better human being


The duration of this workout program is 3 Months (90 Days)

Yes absolutely, I have trained many of my women clients and they have got exceptional fat loss results by following this same exact workout program.

This fitness coaching offers convenient, Flexible and Cost effective workout & Nutrition program for people of all age groups, also you don’t need any experience to get started because it is structured in such a way that even a beginner can get started today and start getting results from their first week onwards.

This fitness program can be accessed from anywhere in the world which removes geographical limitations and accommodates busy schedules, making it a convenient and accessible choice for many. This Fitness Program also has a mindset training part which will prepare you mentally for conquering anything in life.

In this online fitnesss coaching program you will be assisted over Phone calls, Video calls and WhatsApp and you can ask your queries anytime. We will make sure your queries are fully answered.

There is no one Size Fits all, so I have provided a list of Super Foods List which contains all the nutritious list of foods that I eat. You can customize it according to your needs, taste and preferences. And I am strictly against Fancy Diets, Latest diet trends, useless supplements & exotic foods. Our aim is to optimize your Home cooked food and make it better for you.

Because the value that you’re going to be getting inside is worth more than 10x the amount of what you will pay.

The price this online coaching might just be ₹14,999 but the value that you’ll be getting inside will be worth more than ₹149,999 i.e. 10x the value for what you paid for.

Also your life is never going to be the same after you buy this fitness program, because you’re genuinely going to improve your life, You will look great, feel great, and attract great. Your life is completely going to be transformed after that and you will genuinely feel it from the inside.

And lastly because I put value on my expertise and the results will be guaranteed. I will share a Decade of my fitness knowledge, everything from food, to training, Rest, and other factors which contribute to your overall fitness. And It’s not going to waste your time – Everything is actionable from the start to finish, which you can directly start applying right now and start getting results from the first day itself.

I promise you, you will never need any other fitness program after you enroll in this fitness program.

Yes, this fitness program is specifically designed for busy individuals who don’t have time to go to the gym so keeping that in mind we have designed this whole program so you can do it easily without needing any equipment from the comfort of your home.

Absolutely, In fact beginners if guided in the right direction, save a lot of time and money in the future. This Fitness Program offers beginner friendly workouts and guidance so that people of every fitness level can join and take benefit from it.

Unlike most programs that give you no plan for after the result, this is where we educate you and give you the tools to understand how to always be making results. Fitness has never been about a destination, going from point A to point B, or crossing a finish line. We’re here to run a race with no finish line. This is how we create LASTING change and a sustainable approach to fitness.

We’re here for a reason, and that is because of the beliefs we have about making progress. Our current set of behaviors. Our current set of habits. This is where we will redesign your approach to get you into momentum. Not just any momentum, but the kind that doesn’t repeat the same cycle that landed us here in the first place.

Now that the foundation is built, we are in routine, and we have seen and felt the results we’ve been missing out on… We can map out the next 12+ months ahead. Help you see the bigger picture. Give you not just a game plan but a true understanding around your sustainable transformation journey.

We will always be 100% realistic with you. We will hold you to a high standard because we know you have a high standard of your own. The reality is everyone starts in a different place. You cannot compare your transformation to a teammate’s. Your journey is beautiful in its own way. Every approach we take is with the long term goal in mind. No quick fixes.

Minimum 3 day a week at least.

Absolutely, we will create a diet plan for you based on your eating preferences, whether you are a vegetarian or a non vegetarian – we will tweak your diet a little bit and make it healthy for you.

Going to Gym is Not necessary but if you already have a Gym membership then we will design a Gym workout routine for you.

But again Going to Gym is not necessary, You can achieve all of your fitness goals by just doing bodyweight exercises.

Absolutely, our online fitness programs are accessible from all over the world. The internet allows people from different countries to enroll and participate in our programs, breaking down geographical barriers and providing access to a wide range of fitness options and trainers.

If you have been following the plan properly and working hard, but still aren’t able to see any results after 3 months, just ask for your money back (minus the taxes) Money will not be refunded in case you aren’t following the Program, or have taken a break during the program



You can contact our team and talk to Tarun Kashyap to clear all your doubts before starting this online fitness program.