5 Easy Strategies To Increase Organic Traffic Of Your Blog From Search Engines

If you are a blogger, then you must be knowing the importance of organic traffic on the blog. In this post, we have shared how can you increase organic traffic from search engines organically.


Every Blogger expects that with passing time Google will start sending traffic to them, and they keep waiting.

If you are one of them; this post is for you.

After reading this post; you will discover that there are some easy strategies that you can apply to increase organic traffic to your Blog.

How to improve your blog traffic?

However, there are several ways to do that.

Search engine like Google considers almost 200 ranking factor which takes care of the various perspective of your blog before ranking them on SERP.

Hence, there are Techniques for improving organic traffic by implementing specific strategies.

The entire process of bringing traffic from Google is called Search engine optimization.

and the combined effort of improving On page and Off page, SEO is called On-Site  SEO.

As Google AI is improving, they are more focused on On-page SEO strategies.

Taking that into consideration; we are presenting a top-notch SEO Strategy for your Blog.  These strategies will bring a boost to your Google Analytics dashboard.

Updating older post to increase organic traffic

Yes, personally speaking, this is the best strategy to get more organic traffic from Google.

It is the simple way which helps blogger to target multiple keywords with a single post.

The problem with new bloggers is that they keep accumulating new content for their blog without realizing the quality of their blog content.

Not Writing good content on their website or blog is the biggest hurdle in their success route and the sad thing is many of these freshers are not aware of this fact.

It is your quality content which encourages the audience to stay on your page and become your potential customer.

Quality content is like petrol for your blogging car. It is as simple as that.

Without filling the right kind of fuel to your vehicle, you can not move.

Before updating your previous post, perform a few tasks.

  1.    Log on to your search console and check out for those keywords which are ranking on the SERP.
  2. Analyze those keywords properly which rank better on the SERP.  Only choose relevant keywords for a particular post.
  3. The final task you have to do that add those keywords on your corresponding blog post and hit the update button.

Similarly, Update your every post by adding valuable content and make it worth reading.   Within a few weeks, you will start realizing the power of updating the older post.

It is the sure short Strategy for increasing organic traffic.

Taking your blog as Business

The second influential factor for digital success is staying productive with your blog.

Lots of people who start a new blog think that in blogging you solely write content, and money will start falling from the sky within a few months.

Sorry, folks, it doesn’t happen in that way. Blogging is a serious business. Like any other business, it takes time and energy.

With every passing day, the Internet is getting crowded.

In such circumstances, you need to keep publishing articles on a consistent base.

By using the phrase consistent base means allocating a particular time frame for publishing an article.

Google acknowledges those writers who are regular with there blogs.

Social media is such a distraction which decreases your productivity.

Stay away from it while crafting something new and helpful.It is not directly related to the traffic growth process, but it can save lots of energy which can be used to create quality content.

It is not directly related to the traffic growth process, but it can save lots of energy which can be used to create quality content.

Improving your Blog language ( English, Hindi )

If you are still thinking;  How to grow your blog traffic organically?  Let me disclose a secret related to your blogging language.

You must be wondering how can language help you to increase organic traffic.

In that context, I would like to tell you that your language plays a crucial role in traffic generation.

Before writing an article, write down the distinguished keywords on a notepad file.

Write synonyms of those words in next to them and visualize the word which is more influential and gives more appropriate meaning to your sentence.

For example, Suppose there a word Sorry in your post for any reason. Instead of using the term Sorry; you can use apology.

Sorry is a negative term that gives a sense of wrong doing or wickedness, whereas the word apology doesn’t indicate unfavorable impression.

Keeping the audience into confidence.

Users are smart these days; they know what to buy and what to not.

They will not trust any random writer until those writers present themselves as an authority in a particular niche.

Therefore try to post quality content. If you don’t have time to create a quality post, in that case, you can hire professional writer services.

There are many reputed service providers in the market whom you can contact.

Here is the list of some influential brands.

1 – Sue from https://writemixforbusiness.com/writerservices/

2 – Saurabh Tiwari  Navin Rao  https://www.alldigitrends.net/#services

3 – Blogging pal – https://bloggingpal.com/services/

4 – Harleena https://www.facebook.com/harleenasingh.freelancewriter/   These writers will help you to create quality content which can help you to get comfortable Ranking on Sep.

Understanding the market requirement

Another thing you can do to increase organic traffic to your blog is understanding your Blog audience’s need.

You can check out a free tool, Google trends to understand your audience’s needs.  Apart from that Google alert is also a helpful way to monitor the market trend.


These are the most basic but helpful strategies to increase organic traffic to your blog   If you liked the post, please feel free to share it on the web.   We will be thankful for your kindness.

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