How To Write A Blog Post To Get The Maximum Search Traffic

Are you Looking for the Best Techniques to Write a Blog Posts in 2019? If yes then, you’re in the right place,

well In this Blog post, I’m going to share my tips on How To Write a Blog Post that attracts more Readers, Ranks in Search Engines and ultimately generates more Income for you.

So without a further due let’s dive right in.

Writing a blog post can be a really hard task, especially for those who are new in the Blogging Field.

Everybody faces Difficulties in the Beginning but later on, it starts to become a habit to write compelling Blog Posts.

Even I faced a lot of difficulties when I was starting out my blog, and I didn’t even knew how to properly write a blog post.

And after a lot of trials and Errors, I Learned How to Write a Blog Post that looks attractive and is SEO optimized.

It’s just a natural process for a blogger to face these difficulties in the beginning.

But with time as you continue to write more blog posts, you will become master at writing Amazing blog posts

We Learn Things By Doing

Before I talk about How to Write a Blog Post that’s More Engaging and Reach more people,

Let’s talk about the more Important topic first.

Yeah, it’s The Audience

Table of Contents
  1. Know Your Target Audience For Better Engagement
  2. Research Top 10 Competitors for your Target keyword (1st-page results of Google)
  3. Do Proper Keyword Research and Make Your Article Searchable
  4. Structure Blog Post Outline Before Writing The Blog Post
  5. Fill Up The Content Structure Or Outline 
  6. Use Proper Heading
    1. Use LSI keywords Inside your Content
  7. Drop your keywords in the first 100 words
  8. Add your Focus Keyword at the H1 and H2 Tag
  9. Give Proper Internal Linking to Relevant Content
  10. Assign Content To Appropriate Categories
  11. Use Proper Tags
  12. Use Scheme Markup Markup
  13. Give Proper Outbound Links to Relevant Resources
  14. Use Professional Looking Images 
  15. Write shorter Paragraphs
  16. Use Bullet Points and Numbering & Bold / Italic / Underline Important Words
  17. How to write a blog post Titles & Description – To Increases CTR
    1. Try To Create “Curiosity” In Your Readers Mind 
    2. Include a number in your Title
    3. Include brackets in your Title
    4. Write Amazing Descriptions for Increasing CTR
    5. Add modifiers to your title
    6. Try to Start Your Title and Meta Title with your Focus Keyword
    7. Fill Meta Title and Meta Description
  18. Understand User Intent For Better Engagement
  19. Include Keywords in Permalink or URL
  20. Use Images, Videos, Audios, Infographics Inside The Content To Make It More Engaging
  21. Create a Killer Content That Converts
  22. Write Content For Readers
  23. Write Content in easily understandable language
  24. Focus Keyphrase Density
  25. Proofread Before Publishing Article (Use Grammarly)
  26. Write Longer And More Detailed Posts
  27. Give a Free Gift to Your Readers In Exchange of Their Email
  28. Use Closing Remarks at the End of your Article
  29. Use A I D A R content structure Funnel To Write a Blog Post
  30. Make Scannable and Easily Skimmable Content
  31. Avoid making Lists Within Lists
  32. Make use of plugins (shortcodes ultimate/better click to tweet/etc)
  33. Just Provide Quality: Quality Is More Important than Quantity
    1. Write Consistently
  34. Add Bucket Brigades
  35. Do Proper ON Page & OFF Page SEO to fly high
  36. Promote Your Blog Post
  37. Conclusion

Know Your Target Audience For Better Engagement

Knowing who your target audience is very important because without knowing your target audience, you cannot write an appealing and good Blog Post for them.

Without Knowing your target audience you will never know what are their likes and dislikes, and you will struggle at writing blog posts for them.

Remember you do not have to Write just some Random Blog post, You have to Write “The Best Blog Post” of that Topic

And for writing “The Best Blog Post” you have to first know your target audience.

And If you Keep the target audience in your mind while writing a blog post, and what their flavor is then they are going to love your content.

In this Way, you will Get more social shares and more Backlinks as well. and Your Blog will Become an Authority in your Niche.

So For writing “The Best Blog Post”, Knowing your target audience will be very helpful to you.

Knowing about the target audience, Better Known as “Buyer Persona” is very important if you want to Grow and Earn More.

Here’s what Buyer Persona Looks Like.

Buyer Persona is the complete Demographic of your Target Audience, learn to utilize it well.

Ok now that you know who your Target Audience is, now you have to write a Blog Post for your target audience.

So here are Some Important Points that you should keep in mind while Writing a Blog Post.

Research Top 10 Competitors for your Target keyword (1st-page results of Google)

You have to research what your Competition is writing. and you have to Collect Data and Stats Before Writing.

Because People Love to Read Researched Data Backed Blog Posts.

so you have to Write a blog post With All the Necessary data and Research That it may require to be Awesome.

For doing a competitor analysis just type in your Target keyword in the Google Search engine and hit enter.

after that, the top 10 results will be shown.

you have to visit each of the top 10 articles on the 1st Page of Google for your target Keyword.

and you have to see what your Competition is writing about that keyword that you are targeting.

after researching competitors content, you have to figure out

  1. how your Content can be better than their content.
  2. What are the things that they are missing
  3. Write a longer form of content than the competition.

So after Researching out your competitors, collect all the data and write that Awesome Content Rich Blog post.

Remember: You only have to focus on the 1st page of Google Results and not beyond that because our main motive is to come on the front page.

Because there’s a Famous saying in the Digital Marketing World

You can hide a dead body in 2nd Page of Google Search Results.

This is Said mainly because nobody Goes beyond the 1st page and visit the 2nd page.

only a very few percentage of people really visit the 2nd page.

and hence 2nd-page results do not get any traffic from search engines.

so your goal is to focus the content on the 1st page of Google that’s ranking for your target keywords.

I’m not saying that completely copy their content, I just mean to say that, look what they are writing and what they are missing.

Figure out all the loopholes and Points they are missing and then based on your Researched data, Create a better article than theirs.

In this way, you will Climb the Top of Search Engine Rankings Faster.

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Do Proper Keyword Research and Make Your Article Searchable

yeah, you heard it right, You have To do The Keyword research Before you even start to write Your blog post.

And You have to Use Researched Keywords In your Blog Post.

Use keywords having good search volume and Low competition in this way you will Rank Faster.

because if you don’t do Keyword Research, then, in my opinion, you are wasting your time.

Its better to Aim at the target and fire rather Firing anywhere.

If you don’t do keyword research Before writing a blog post then your website will never rank in search engines for a specific Target keyword or Related Keyword.

And you will not get any traffic to your website, so that is why Targeting a specific keyword and Knowledge of SEO is very Important.

And If you don’t know how to do Keyword research and What is SEO then you should definitely learn it first.

There are lots of Free resources out there on the Internet today, from where you can Learn SEO and Keyword Research.

The two Free and Most Popular Resource are

  1. Neil Patel
  2. Brain Dean From Backlinko

These are two Most Popular resources from where you can Learn SEO, Keyword Research and Driving Traffic To Your Website.

And For Doing Keyword Research You will need Keyword Research Tools for finding Great Keywords.

Here are some of the Best Keyword Research Tools that can help you Find The Most Profitable Keywords for writing your blog Post.

  1. Soovle
  2. Google Related Search (at the bottom of the Google search page)
  3. Google Search Engine Autosuggest
  4. Answer the public
  5. Google Trends
  6. KeywordShitter
  7. Use Amazon Search Engine For Keyword Ideas
  8. Quora
  9. Google Keyword Planner
  11. LSI graph
  12. Small SEO tools
  13. Similar WEB
  14. Spy fu
  15. Ubersuggest
  16. SEMrush
  17. Ahrefs
  18. Youtube Search Engine Keywords
  19. Buzzsumo
  20. Portent TItle Generator
  21. Alltop (get content ideas from here)
  22. Keywords Everywhere
  23. Ispionage
  25. Merchant Words
  26. Serpstat
  27. Mondovo

These Were SOme Of the Important tools where you canj Get the Data Related to keywords Including Search Volume, CPC, COmpetetion and Other Metrics.

But there is Always gonna Be One Tool That will Always Be the Top Favourite Of Mine and that is The SEMrush SEO Tool.

Structure Blog Post Outline Before Writing The Blog Post

After you Done All Your Research and Analysis now its time for the Actual Game.

Now its time For Writing the Article, and For that you will need a Proper Blog Post Strucrture.

Structuring a Content Outline can be very helpful in Writing out the Blog Post.

By structuring your content in an outline you can Write and cover all the topics in a sequence and this also reduces the chances of errors in The Blog Post.

In this way, you will not forget about what to write next, because a Blog Post outline will keep you on track.

And a Blog Post Outline Structure also helps in keeping our full attention to the Content and not distracting from the topic.

So that is the #1 Biggest Reason Why I recommend People to have a Content Outline Structure For their Articles.

If You make a content Outline Or structure you will write a lot better.

Fill Up The Content Structure Or Outline 

Now after you successfully created your Blog Post Outline and Structure Framework, now its actually time to Fill In those Blog Post Structure Outlines.

Write What You Know about the Topics and Express Out to the World.

Write Authentically, Don’t try to copy paste because you will be eventually get caught up by the Google Algorithms.

And your Website may get penalized if you Copy the content.

So focus on The Originality of the Content.

Don’t go crazy with content! Just deliver.

And Write stories – People Love to hear stories They Can better connect with you in that way and it creates a personal Connection.

So, here are some Points That you have to keep in mind for writing or filling Content Structures.

  • Write Unique, Amazing and To the Point Article
  • Assume you are writing for a close friend of yours
  • People don’t want content, they want the solution for their problem – Try To provide Solution
  • Use Bullet Points and Numbering
  • Use more Active Voice in the Content
  • Just Provide Quality – Quality Content is the King

Use Proper Heading

You have to use proper headings to make your content look more structured and Organised.

And Heading also helps to distinguish the various different sections of your content.

So Headings are the very crucial element of any Blog Post. It also Helps to make your Content look Good.

While Writing our Blog Post We have H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags.

you can use it all for making your content look good.

For various different topics on your Article Use H2 tags and if another topic is under that topic then use H3 tags.

Personally, I have Never Gone Far More than H3 tag in my articles.

Because I Never Needed it.

you Have to Structure Your Content in a Hierarchy With the Help of these Headings.

Use LSI keywords Inside your Content

LSI keywords are those keywords that are closely Related to your Focus Keyword.

Using LSI keywords in your content can make your Blog Post Even more Relevant for your focus keyword.

because LSI keywords are closely Related words and if you rank for any of your LSI keywords then Eventually you will also start to rank for the Short tail Keywords.

That’s the power of LSI keywords, Use it well.

Make a list of all the related LSI keywords related to your main keyword and start sprinkling it on your content where it makes Sense.

And you will See great results after you do this.

So here is a Little Bonus Tip For finding LSI Keywords for Free.

when you do a Google search for any term on Google, at the bottom of the Search Results Page you Find Some Keywords which are related.

These Keywords are Called LSI Keywords

And you can Use These LSI Keywords to Write your Blog Post.

Drop your keywords in the first 100 words

Dropping your Keyword in the first 100 Words of your Paragraph will Make your Blog Post ON page SEO optimized.

and moreover, it will also make your Content look Relevant.

I believe that having your Focus keyword at least one time in the first 100 words of the content will make your content more SEO friendly.

You can also Put your Target Keyword at the Final 100 words of your Blog Post.

This will Improve The searchability of your Blog Post and Make your Content On Page SEO Optimized.

Add your Focus Keyword at the H1 and H2 Tag

H1 is the Title of your Blog Post and H2 is the Headings or Topics Covered in that Blog Post.

you have to add your Focus Keyword at least Once in your H1 or H2 tag This improves the Search Engine Visibility of your Blog Post for that specific keyword.

Its all about On page SEO.

Try to focus on The On-page SEO more when you are just starting out and try to Target Low competition keywords in the beginning.

Because Targeting Long Tail Keywords is Very Difficult for a Newbie Blogger and you will lose Motivation if you do not see the results in the beginning.

So Target Low Competition, Longtail Keywords in the Beginning and After you see Some results you will Be more Motivated to Write More Blog Posts.

Give Proper Internal Linking to Relevant Content

You have to interlink to Relevant Blog Post in your Website, This Helps in SEO and also Helps in Increasing the Dwell Time.

The Main Reason you want to give Internal Links in your Website is to Keep User Engaged in your Website.

For Example, a Reder is Reading your Content and Suddenly he founds out a link that Takes him to another article of your Website.

this will Keep that Reader Engaged in your Website and Will Reduce the Bounce rate.

So the Main Idea Behind Internal Linking is to Keep Reader Consume your Blog Posts for a Longer time.

Here is an Example of Interlinking:

Also Read:

You can See that I’m Telling my Readers to also read The Above Articles which I mentioned Above. that will take them to another article on my Website.

In this Way Reader will keep Consuming Content on my website and bounce rate will Decrease.

Assign Content To Appropriate Categories

Categories Give the Proper Structure to your Website and you should not Ignore them.

So while Writing articles you have to Keep In mind which Category this Content Will Belong.

And add Your Content to that relevant Category.

Categories Play a Very Important Role in SEO. Categories Show Search Engines What your Content is About.

SO you should never Ignore Categories.

Use Proper Tags

You have to use proper tags for your Content to make it more visible for search engines and increase its visibility.

it’s like Keywords that tells Search Engines what your content is all about.

You can use some of your researched keywords as your tags.

Use Scheme Markup Markup

Schema Also Acts as Categories – and It also Helps Search Engines to Know more about your Content.

A schema is a representation of Content in the form of an outline or model and Improves the DIsplay of Search Results.

And it also makes it easy for people to find the right Content on your Website.

It helps search Engines to show your Content in the Form of Categories and Pages.

Search Engines Take Out data from Schema Markup and Generates What is Called a Rich Snippets of Information for the Search Engine Results page.

It is Always Recommended To use Schema Markup so that Search Engines Better understand your Content.

And Present it on the More Useful and Meaningful Way.

You Can Add Schema Plugin for doing So.

here’s an SEO plugin Called Rankmath, its an alternative to Yoast SEO plugin, Rankmath has Schema Markup Inbuild in it.

SO if you Use Rankmath Plugin then you don’t need to use another Schema Plugin for Creating Schema Markup.

But if you are Using any other Plugin other than Rankmath, Like Yoast or something Else then you will need to Install Schema Plugin to do so.

Giving Outbound Links Sends a good Signal to the Search Engines.

and Make search Engines think that your Website is Good.

Because if you Give Outbound Links or give backlinks to Authority sites, it will make search engines think that your Blog is also an Authority.

And Will Try to Rank You higher.

Sometimes Giving a Backlink to a Competitor is Not a Bad Idea, Because if it’s Relevant it’s Worth Doing it.

Use Professional Looking Images 

You have to prepare Professional Looking Images with Canva or Photoshop For Better User Engagement and for making it look attractive.

Because if you Create a Dull and Poor Looking image then your Readers will not find it interesting.

No matter how good You have Written Content, If your Image Sucks then it will leave a negative impression.

So you have to Create Professional Looking Images With Canva.

Canva is the Best graphic Design tool for Online Entrepreneurs and it also helps in Boosting Productivity.

This Tool also helps to save a lot of my time because other Professional Tools like Photoshop requires The Knowledge of the tool.

and that’s very hard to learn.

But That’s not the case with Canva, you can Create Professional Looking Images Even If you are not a Graphic Designer.

It’s very easy to Use.

So the Main Point is to Use Professional Looking images.

And You Can also Use Pixabay for Finding Copyright Free Images.

Their images are free for use and Can be Used Commercially And You can Even Edit their Images.

There will Be no chares and No issues will be Caused.

Write shorter Paragraphs

Back In the Days When I started Reading Blog Posts and at that time I didn’t even Knew what Blogging is.

I think it’s 7 to 8 Years Back.

At That Time I read peoples Blog Posts and Their Paragraphs were way bigger than 5 or 6 Lines and it Really Frustrated me.

Because Reading a Lengthy Paragraph like That Seems Such a Daunting Task, and Very Frustrating.

Now also Some Beginner Bloggers Make That Mistake, so you have to Correct it if you have it.

But thank God Today People Understand the importance of  How important it is to Write Shorter Paragraphs.

And How it affects the Mood of a reader.

The main Point is that Writing Short Paragraphs improves the readability of your article.

So try to Write Shorter Paragraphs, one or two lined, and Your Blog Reader Will be very Happy To Read More and More.

Use Bullet Points and Numbering & Bold / Italic / Underline Important Words

You have to Use Bullet Points and Numbering to make Your Content Look More Attractive and Bold and Italic important Words.

This Will Not Only Improve the Look and Feel of your Content But will Also Make it More readable.

Because the last thing that you will ever want to do is to create a Content that’s not readable.

  • here is an Example of Bullet Point
  • This is Another Example of Bullet Point
  1. here is an Example Of Numbering
  2. It’s is Another Example of Numbering

I can Also Bold Or Italic or Bold Italic Important Words.

See How I Used Bullet Points, Numbering and Bold, Italics Feature.

In the Same Manner, you also have to Use these to make your Content more readable.

How to write a blog post Titles & Description – To Increases CTR

Believe me or not but Great Titles and Description plays a very important role in the Success of any article or Blog.

and if the Titles and Descriptions of your Blog Post are very Catchy and Interesting, more people are likely to click to your content and read your content.

This is really the Fun Part Because Playing around with the Titles and Description and making it more appealing is my personal favorite part.

I am always Looking to Make my Titles and Description more catchy and Interesting as possible.

So here are some important tips for creating great titles and Description

Try To Create “Curiosity” In Your Readers Mind 

Catchy Titles And Description Tends to get more Clicks than a normal and General looking Title and Description

Try to keep Title & Description Catchy so that when the Readers See the title and description they want to know more about it and Click it.

It’s the #1 Secret To Increasing Your CTR.


  1. This Simple technique can Show you how to Increase your Blog Traffic by 200%.
  2. The Only Proven ___________ Tactics that Works
  3. 10 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know about Blogging

These are some of the amazing Examples Of a great Blog Title.

Here in The Above Example of Title, Curiosity is Generated at readers mind and it will make Reader Want to Click on Your Website.

here in the above example see how greatly the Title is been Carved and by Seeing This kind of Title, Readers want to know more about it and Click on it.

Here’s a bad Example: How to increase your Blog Traffic

Here no curiosity is Generated at this Title and Readers Curiosity is Fulfilled just by seeing the Title.

Your Reader Just Predicted and Determined what your content is going to be.

So you have to Create a Curiosity in Readers Mind to Get more Clicks.

You have to Create Curiosity and After they have Seen It,

Make them Realize that this Curiosity can be Fulfilled Only after Reading Your Content.

So make Your Title and Description as Catchy and Attractive as Possible.

Include a number in your Title

A number In your Title can Make Your Website Link more Clickable and it also looks much more attractive.


  1. This 5 Minute Video Will Show you How to  _________
  2. 10 Weird Tricks To Become Confident
  3. How a 10 Minute video Generated ________ visitors in ________ days.
  4. 10 Best Ways to do x

So These were some Examples Of great titles.

And See the Power Of Numbers, How Just by adding a number Makes it look More Appealing.

Include brackets in your Title

Brackets also Make you Title Look good

Example: 50 Ways to Write Your Blog Post Faster in an Easy Way [Step By Step],

Example: 10 Must-Know Techniques For Writing a Blog Post (Proven Techniques)

See how Brackets Improved the Look and feel of your Title.

And that’s how you have to use It as well.

Write Amazing Descriptions for Increasing CTR

Descriptions also Play a Very Important Role when it comes to Increasing your CTR.

because the very first thing a Reader Sees when The Search results are displayed is the Title and the Description.

So you have to make your Description as Catchy and Interesting as Possible So as to make Readers Want to Click On your Link.

here are some points that you should keep in mind For Writing a Great Description.

  1. The description should Contain Keywords
  2. The description should be Catchy and It should Create Curiosity in Readers Mind

Add modifiers to your title

Adding a Modifier to your title can Make your Title look more Catchy

Adding modifiers like

  • Best
  • Add Current Or Upcoming Year Ex: 2019
  • Guide
  • Review
  • Ultimate
  • Quick
  • Simple
  • Today
  • Right now
  • Fast
  • Works Quickly
  • Step by Step
  • Easy

Adding this type of modifiers will make your Title Look more Appealing.

Example: The Ultimate Guide to Parenting in 2019 that will Make you a better parent

Try to Start Your Title and Meta Title with your Focus Keyword

Having You Focus Keyword in your Meta title and Keyword will Increase the searchability of that Keyword and make your Article more visible to search Engines.

Also, don’t forget to have a Focus keyword on your Meta description and description.

Meta descriptions don’t play any part in SEO but you should have it there.

So Try to include keywords in your Title and Descriptions

And this will Greatly improve your Search Engine Rankings.

Fill Meta Title and Meta Description

If you don’t know what is Meta title and Meta Description. let me Tell you what it is.

Meta title: A meta title is a title that will be displayed on the search results page.

and don’t confuse it with the actual title that you write in your dashboard, both are different.

The Actual Title that you Write on your Dashboard will be showed only after the reader visits you website.

The meta Title and Description is Displayed on the Search Results Page.

Meta Description: A Meta Description is a Description which will be displayed on the search results page.

So you have to make an appealing Meta title and Description.

You would have already Read How to Make it more appealing in the Previous part of this article.

You can Make Meta Title and Description by the Yoast SEO Plugin.

Understand User Intent For Better Engagement

This is very Important.

You have to Understand User Intent For Better Engagement with your Blog Readers

So First Lets Understand What is This User Intent

User intent: A User Intent is The Main Reason or Intention behind Why a Reader is reading Your Blog,

For Example, Let’s say a User Types In How to Create a Blog in Google Search Engine

After that Various Different Search Results are DIsplayed to him.

He visits any of the Websites in the First Page. and Then Reads the Content.

And if Within the Content He doesn’t Find The Word Making Money or Related Words, then it’s not properly Optimized.

Because The Intention Here of the Searcher is Not to Make The Blog.

The Intention is to make Money With The Blog.

So that’s how you have to understand User Intent and Keyword Intent.

What’s the Intention Behind that keyword.

So if you Understand User Intent, Then your Blog will Grow Like Wildfire and Your Content Will Rock.

You have to Include Keywords in URL’s (Permalink) to make it SEO friendly.

SEO friendly URL’s Tends to rank higher in Search Engines.

if your article is about Computer repair then your URL should Look Something like

In this way your URL will look clean and simple and to the point and by even looking at This URL people will Understand that what this Article is About.

Use Images, Videos, Audios, Infographics Inside The Content To Make It More Engaging

Yeah Using Multiple Media Formats Makes the Blog Post More Awesome And Make It more Content Rich.

Images and Infographics Add a lot of value to Blog Post and In this Way, A Reader Understands a Point a Lot Faster.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

So you have to add more Images within your Content, Not only It Makes your Content Look good but it also Helps in Better Engagement.

Also, Don’t Forget to Add ALT text and Description to your Images, it helps in Increases the Searchability of your Images.

don’t just Go and Keyword stuff the ALT text and Description area of your Images.

Try to add Genuine Description and ALT tags

And also helps in Ranking Images in Search Engines.

And Last But not the Least Don’t Ever Copy Image From Some Other Bloggers or Websites Images.

Create Your Own Images.

Because if your Use Someone else’s Images then you might Get a copyright claim from the real owner of that image.

Videos and Audios are More Crucial Nowadays because as you know Video Content is been consumed More and More.

and Over The Next year or Two, The Video Will Be Consumed More than Ever.

The video is the Future of Content.

SO you have to try to add a video in your Content.

Videos Also Tend to Increase the Dwell time of your Blog Post. that means Reader Will spend More time on your Blog.

And Lastly Audios Form Content Is also Growing like Wildfire, With The Emergence of Podcasts and people Liking It.

There’s No reason for Not adding Audio Form Content in your Blog post,

Audio Form Content will Increase the Overall Quality of your Blog Post.

Create a Killer Content That Converts

For Writing The Killer Content you have to Know the Art of Writing Compelling and Appealing Articles.

You Have to learn How to Impress Pople With your Writings and How to Convert them into Customers.

You have to write Content in such a way that when Somebody Reads Your Content They Become your Loyal Fans and Paying Customers.

And that is Known as CopyWriting.

You have To learn The Skills Of Copywriting, To Attract More and More Readers and Customers to your Website.

If you want to become The Best Blogger in your Niche then you Should Know How to Write Good Copies.

Copywriting is Writing in such a way that The person Who reads your Content Becomes a Buyer.

Writing for the purpose of Advertising or Marketing is also called Copywriting.

you Can Learn Copywriting by Reading More Books and By Reading Blogs that are an Authority in your Niche.

In this way, you will become Good at reading and Understanding People and You will Ultimately Write Better Content.

Write Content For Readers

For People to actually Read your Blog You have To Write Content for the Readers and not for Search Engines.

Because Search Engines Bots are not going to read your Content, It’s your Readers Who are going to read it.

So it’s very bad Practice that if you Write Content just for the sake of making your content visible to Search Engines.

Google hates such type of Content because it doesn’t make sense sometimes to keyword stuff everywhere.

and A reader also doesn’t want to read that kind of Stuff so don’t try to waste your time In Forcing keywords everywhere in your Article.

So try to put Keyword Wherever it makes sense, and Try to make it Look Natural.

So that is Why You have to make your Content for The readers First.

Write Content in easily understandable language

Your Content Should be Easily Understandable so that when Readers read your content they Understand what it is in one go.

Your content doesn’t have to be a very Complicated article which only High IQ people can understand.

Keep your Target Audience in your Mind and determine what is Their age and What are their IQ Levels and Write your Content Accordingly.

So you have to make it Understandable for your target audience.

You have to accept the fact that anyone can find your article on the Internet, even an 8th grade Child.

So you have to make your content in such a way that even an 8th Grade Student Can Understand your Content.

In this Way, your Content will be Liked more and willed be Shared more.

Focus Keyphrase Density

If you are using the Yoast SEO plugin. then you have an option called as Focus Keyphrase below your Writing Dashboard in Yoast SEO Plugin.

And that Simply means how many times you Focus Keyword Appears on your Content.

and Yoast SEO plugin Shows the Percentage of Focus Keyphrase According to the Length of your article and Words you content have.

So the Ideal Focus Keyphrase Density is to be Around 1-3% to make your Content Relevant for a particular keyword.

So try to keep your Focus Keyphrase between 1-3%.

keyword density is not extremely important but keep it in between 1-3%

Proofread Before Publishing Article (Use Grammarly)

You have to proofread before publishing your article.

Because Who knows what error may Reveal if you Check for Errors.

So you always have to check for errors.

Proofreading Simply means that you check for any Grammatical error or any other mistakes that it may have.

You should Definitely do Proofreading Before Publishing because if you don’t do this then your Content will be published Without Final touch.

And your readers are going to read an Article full of Errors – and your readers might not read your articles anymore after that.

So you have to Properly search For any errors in your content and make any changes that it requires before you hit the publish button.

You can Use Grammarly For Proofreading and Literally its the Best tool out there for Proofreading.

It saves a lot of time and its very accurate in finding Errors and Correcting them

Write Longer And More Detailed Posts

Studies show that Longer and More detailed Blog Posts Gets Ranked Higher.

So you have to Write a more detailed Blog Post.

Make Sure to write longer and more Detailed than your competition to get ranked higher,

Longer Form Content is also loved by many people and it also gets more backlinks and social shares.

Due to the Awesomeness of your Content People Tend to share it more and Who Knows a High Authority website may also Love your Content And Give you a Backlink,

that will be really helpful to you as Authority Website is Linking to your Content.

It will Also Increase your Authority and You will Rank higher.

at Least Try to Write More than 2000 Words of Content.

Give a Free Gift to Your Readers In Exchange of Their Email

You have to give away something in order to Gain Valuable Followers for Your Blog.

You should give away something that you don’t really care about giving out for free.

But be extra careful People Love the Free kinds of stuff, SO don’t Give away all your Things for free in this way you will lose your value.

So you have to give away small gifts in exchange for their Emails.

A free giveaway may Include.

  1. A Free E-book
  2. A Free Video that Furthermore adds value to the content
  3. A free Small Course or any Premium thing etc.

Use Closing Remarks at the End of your Article

Like We Have an Introduction Section at our Blog post, in the same Manner, we have to Add some Closing Remarks for our Blog Posts.

Closing Remarks are words like Solution or Conclusion or What’s Next, that summerise the Blog post, or you can say Final Words.

Closing Remarks are Like Closing words of your whole blog post that closes the Blog post.

In Closing remarks, you have to tell people what you have Written In your Blog Post and ask them to take action at the end,

Asking People to take Action is The main Reason for Adding a Closing Remark which at least I think it’s for.

and A closing remarks also helps in making your content more appealing to the reader.

you can tell people what you have Written in that blog post, What are the benefits etc and you can add Whatever you want to say.

because it’s like the final goodbye to the readers of your Blog post before He/She Leaves your Blog.

Use A I D A R content structure Funnel To Write a Blog Post

While Writing Content you have to Keep this Thing on your Mind to make the most out of your Blog Post.

  1. A = Awareness
  2. I = Interest
  3. D = Desire
  4. A = Action
  5. R = Retention

This is the Most Power Technique That Professional Bloggers Use for writing the most Engaging and PowerFul Articles.

AwarenessThis is the First Layer of the Funnel or you can Say some of the First paragraphs in your Content.

This phase is Like Making people aware of what you are going to write About.

So in the Starting try to make people aware what Your article is all about and keep them engaged.

Interest: This phase Creates an Interest in Readers Mind about Your Content and Make them want to read more

You have to Create Some kind of Interest in your Readers minds so that they are interested throughout the whole Article.

Desiremake your Reader want to Read more of your Content.

After they have gone through A, I, D, Phase they have engaged a lot and are influenced a lot by you up to now.

SO the Last which stands for Action Will Help you to make your Readers want to take Action and for that, you have to use Call to actions at the end of your blog posts.

Action:  And this phase is like the Golden Phase because in this phase you ask your reader to take some action.

It can be anything like.

  1. Signing up for your Newsletter
  2. Subscribing to your Youtube Channel
  3. Ask them to buy your Products or anything

Retentionthe last Phase is which Stands for Retention.

Retention Simply means Retaining that reader or customer for a long time So that The reader will continue to visit your Website and Trusts your Website.

Because studies show that it’s easier to Retain a Customer than to Find a New One.

So you have to Build a healthy and trustworthy relationship between your reader and your Blog.

If you follow this technique then Your Blog Will Earn valuable Rewards for you.

Make Scannable and Easily Skimmable Content

The attention span of humans is decreasing day by day so you have to Write Easily Skimmable Blog Post, so that When Reader Scrolls Your Blog post, he Knows what Topics Are being Covered.

To Write Easily Skimmable Blog post Use.

  1. Proper Heading
  2. Use Subheadings
  3. Proper Bullet Points
  4. Bold / Underline Important Words.
  5. Use Images
  6. Make It Readable and Understandable
  7. If you Write list articles try to keep it under 50

Avoid making Lists Within Lists

You have to avoid making lists within Lists.

I see too many people Doing this same mistake.

People write a Listicle Blog Post and Make lists within another List. And Reader Gets Confused What he is Reading

Let me give you Another Example.

Let’s say you are writing  an article about 50 ways to Do X

and while Explaining and Numbering 50 Ways, you add another list in between those 50 Things.

So this Practise is very bad And Reader May get Confused if you do this thing.

Make use of plugins (shortcodes ultimate/better click to tweet/etc)

These two plugins are very great for Making our Content Look very Good.

and If you write a blog post With these Two Plugins your Blog Post will Look Like Heavenly Content that’s Crafted With Care.

There’s an Old Saying

If you Care about People Then People are Also Going to care for you

Shortcodes Ultimate is a plugin that helps to make Amazing looking Sections, Buttons or even a carousel and many more interesting things in your blog post.

With the Help of this Plugin, You can Improve the look and Feel of your Blog Post that will Please your Readers eyes.

Better Click to tweet: Better Click to tweet is a Plugin for WordPress that you can use to Generate Tweetable Links for some of the words that you want to be tweeted.

With the Help of this plugin, your Blog post will be shared more on Twitter.

Just Provide Quality: Quality Is More Important than Quantity

Some of you might be Wondering how often should you write Blog posts.

And My Simple Answer to that would be you Can Write as much as you can as long as you provide quality.

Because Quality of the article matters the most.

No matter how big you Write your Blog Post If your content sucks then nobody is Going to read it.

For providing Quality, you Must be Knowledgeable in the Topic that you are going to Write about otherwise You will Start to lose Trust.

So Quality is the Most Important Factor when it comes to Writing Blog Post.

Write Consistently

To make sure your Blog Looks like Authority, you have to Put Out Content Consistently otherwise you will lose Readers.

If all you Do is Publish a Blog post and Then Take a long gap and Never Return again for Writing.

Then You might Need to Rethink your Career as a Blogger.

If you Don’t Write Consistently then Your Readers are never Going to return to Your Website Again.

Think About this, Why your Readers Will Ever Return if they are not going to see Something New Every time they visit your Blog.

If you Never Provide Consistent Content on your Blog Then your Blog is not going to Grow.

The Best Way To be Consistent is to Make A Time Table for Content Creation.

Example: Write in a Diary that you have to accomplish or Write 2 Articles Weekly and make it a habit of writing Two articles Weekly.

And Eventually, you will Overcome this Problem and become a Better Writer.

Professional Bloggers Write a Blog Post Every Single Week.

They Write About Case Studies, Tutorials and many other Contents that make Them The Real Professional Bloggers.

So you Should also have to Write a Blog Post At least Once a Week.

Add Bucket Brigades

Bucket Brigades are the little words that make your Blog post more meaningful and Attractive and Readers also find it Cool.

If you are Writing a blog Post Without Bucket Brigades then my friend you are Losing a Huge Chunk of Awesomeness.

Because These Bucket Brigades Helps in Making Your Content Look Awesome

and Even these Bucket Brigades Appeals to the Readers Eyes and also sounds Awesome

That is why you Should Write a Blog Post Including Bucket Brigades and your Blog Post Will Rock.

Here’s Some of the Example Of Bucket Brigades:

  1. Here’s the deal
  2. But there’s a catch
  3. What’s the real story?
  4. How can you actually use this?
  5. The Best part?
  6. Why does this matter?
  7. That’s not all…

Do Proper ON Page & OFF Page SEO to fly high

Ok Now that you Know How to Write a Blog Post, Now its the Time For Optimizing it for Search Engines and Making it Easier for Readers to Find.

If you Write a blog Post Without Search Engine Optimization

Then Your Readers Will Not Find Your Content So Do proper Search Engine optimization after Writing each and every blog post.

ON page SEO: The SEO Optimization you do inside the Website is called ON Page SEO

On Page SEO Includes

  1. The right selection of keywords
  2. Proper Use of Tags
  3. Relevant Interlinking and Outlining
  4. and many more

OFF Page SEO: OFF Page SEO Refers to the Search Engine Optimization We Do Outside of our Website

OFF page SEO Includes

  1. Authority Backlinks
  2. Referring Domains
  3. No of Backlinks
  4. Social Shares
  5. and much more

Alright, Guys, this is not an Article about SEO so we will Cover that topic in Some other Blog Post.

But for now, you must know that you have to Do SEO for Ranking your Blog Posts.

Promote Your Blog Post

Ok now that you have learned How to write a Blog Post, Now you have to promote your Content.

Because If you Don’t promote it, then nobody will come to know that you have created that amazing Content which will Solve Their Problems.

Remembers Bloggers are Also Good Marketers So that is why you have to learn To market your Blog Posts to your target audience.

Make a list of All the places or social media where your Target Audience Hangs Out.

and after you have figured out where your target audience hangs out – go to that place or platform and Genuinely start to help people by providing value to them.

By answering their questions and solving their problems.

and at the End, you can say that Hey if you like to Learn more about this topic then I have Written a Detailed Article about this topic

And paste the link of your Blog Post there and from there People will land on your blog post and become your Follower.

Here is a short video about writing an SEO optimized blog post that ranks in search engines


So that’s all there is about how to Write a Blog Post That Ranks.

if you apply all the things mentioned in this blog post, you will Write a Great Blog Post,

And you will make A handsome Amount of money by Blogging.

I hope you have learned how to Write a Blog Post now.

Thank you for reading 🙂

One Small Request:

If you learned something reading this article, please give it a share. Your share is extremely helpful to spread our message and help more People like you.

Peace Out!

7 thoughts on “How To Write A Blog Post To Get The Maximum Search Traffic”

  1. When i was a newbie in blogging; i was looking for a in-depth post on how to write a blog post, now you have written this post which will help a lot of newbies.
    That great buddy, keep the good work up.

  2. Great Article Buddy.

    I really like this article. Very interesting and indepth. I learn some new things and it will be very helpful for newbie blogger also.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful article.

  3. Fantastic Article Tarun,

    Certainly, a blogger needs to write an article which speaks to the reader and connecting them has never been easier at all. A blogger needs to focus on both the users and search engines too. Why search engines?

    It’s simple if you want your article to be read by most of the folks, a blogger needs to write for both. Probably this is where the jobs get even tougher and SEO comes into the picture. OnPage SEO matters a lot.

    Before getting into a blog post, its necessary to do deep Keyword research, and as you have mentioned already there are plenty of tools. I use SEMrush for the same.

    And most importantly structuring the blog post is very essential to make the blog post read easily. It has been determined that the better UX you provide, the better the ranking could be.

    • Thanks for adding amazing value to this blog post Navin sir
      Yeah SEMrush is a great tool for SEO and keyword research and many other SEO activities but newbie bloggers really find it difficult to buy those expensive tools so I gave all the free as well as paid tools a mention.
      I also agree to the fact that our blog posts need to be properly structured for better ranking as it improves user experience and it helps the reader to understand our content better.
      Thanks, You’re awesome


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