A New Beginning

I was born on 1 May 1999 and at the time of writing this article i am 23 years and 4 months old.

My past life was a horrible disaster. And I’ve made many mistakes, survived many wrong happenings along the way. That’s why I think and act like the way I am.

Somehow or the other, the things which are happening with us right now are the consequences of our past choices, And our decisions.

But it’s life we learn and we move on, what’s happened cannot be changed, it’s gone forever, we can’t go back in time and be a 1 year old child again.

But we can be careful going ahead in life and live fully with discipline and live the rest of our lives as a champion, as a king. ???

Some life rules that I live by

  1. Break the chain of indiscipline because indiscipline carries forward. And it will carry forward the rest of your life if you don’t break the chain. It’s like a virus, very easy to catch if you are weak but it can’t touch you if you are disciplined. Leave every bad elements of your life that doesn’t help you grow in this very moment and carry forward as the king, the leader, the champion.
  2. Eliminate all the unnecessary voices from your head.
  3. Just put yourself out there are do what you’re supposed to do.
  4. It’s easy when everything is going right but it’s a different story when things start getting bad, You have to stay strong in your hard times because that’s when indiscipline starts taking over and makes you a mediocre person – Always say “I am the king and do what a king is supposed to do to protect his kingdom”.
  5. Start picking your life one by one, start putting the pieces of puzzle in place one by one otherwise it will forever be messed.
  6. I am the king 👑 Nobody is on my level
  7. I can’t handle indiscipline, Indiscipline starts taking over my life.
  8. Your relationship with other people will only get good if you have your life together – Get your shit together – Otherwise you will never have time for yourself and your loved ones. – if your life is not together then everyone will seem annoying to you, even your loved ones will feel like they are trying to annoy you and rob you off of your time.
  9. Never accept low quality with yourself Never do low quality to others ☝️
  10. Always be on Time – nobody can win a fight with time, not even the gods ⌛ Always be prepared for the problem, always be prepared for the worst case scenario.
  11. The bad thing is that time flies, the good thing is that you are the pilot.
  12. We don’t know what unfortunate even will happen tomorrow therefore we always have to be prepared. There’s no margin of errors, you can’t relax in this world of neck cutting competition. Always be ready.
  13. Motivation isn’t real, discipline is real. But keep motivating yourself everyday.
  14. As a man we have to do things that we are supposed to do. Not what we feel like doing. I don’t care if i’m happy or not happy, if i’m supposed to do something, then i’ll do that thing anyhow.
  15. Always try to give your 100%, I understand that we are not robot but we should always try to give the best we can to avoid regrets in future in whatever we do.
  16. Don’t care about results, just give your maximum efforts.
  17. Plan your every part of the day, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed at night, everything should be tracked. And optimize according to your goals.
  18. Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals to achieve.
  19. Live a minimal life, eliminate everything that’s not necessary, Focus is everything. I know there are some exceptions likes some people do multitasking, but that’s not how human brain works, most people can’t do multitasking, and certainly mine doesn’t work like that, My mind works efficient when it picks one thing and goes after it 100%, this allows me to give my 100% brain resources to that one thing and it helps me to get that thing done faster and better. – undivided attention.
  20. Love the process, everything takes time, you can’t get a baby in 1 month by getting 9 women pregnant ?
  21. If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.
  22. Be a Badass, Hardest worker in the room and all that but always be humble and kind to others, never be overconfident – you never know what people might be going through.
  23. Even when you think nobody is watching you, The almighty one is always looking at you.
  24. A great man is hard on himself whereas a weak and insignificant man is hard on others.
  25. Be a balanced human being in every facet of life, too much of anything is not good.
  26. हुनर होगा तो दुनिया खुद कदर करेगी, एड़ियां उठाने से किरदार ऊंचा नही हो जाता ।
  27. Never be a needy person, be a valuable person.
  28. Always be true to yourself – never lie to yourself.
  29. Confuse them with silence, shock them with results.
  30. Silence is very powerful, live a lean Noise free life.
  31. Self Awareness- Know your strong and weak points.
  32. Never repeat the same mistakes again that kept you down.
  33. Constant forward pressure – always push yourself beyond your limits.
  34. Never Seek Validation, Never Chase People’s Attention, Just do your thing – You never have to run for what belongs to you. Have a dignity of a king. Behave like a king. Always believe in yourself.
  35. Life is too short – Achieve your goals and dreams – go out there and give it all you got, because you never know when your song is gonna be over – create a legacy.
  36. Your first step towards wrong direction will eventually drown you. And you wouldn’t even know how it’s happened. And you will regret. Therefore don’t let negative things even come to your mind.
  37. Be religious about your mind and body, treat your mind and body like a temple, only positive things should be allowed, positive thoughts, positive people, good nutritious food. And no toxic things & toxic people should be allowed access to your life.
  38. One life no regrets ?
  39. Your every act should be a representation of power. Hard choices easy life.
  40. Don’t fall prey to your temptations.
  41. बुद्धि के सहारे चलोगे तोह दूर तक चल पाओगे और हो सकता है की तुम अपनी मंज़िल तक भी पहुँच जाओ लेकिन अगर मन के भरोसे चलोगे तोह मन तुमको हर दिशाओं में भटकायेगा, हर घडी हर वक़्त तुमको इधर उधर की चीज़ें लुभाएंगी – बुद्धि स्थिर नहीं रहेगी |
  42. Don’t run away, be a warrior, face your peoblems like a great man.
  43. Family first
  44. There are many others, that I will keep adding time to time ✅
  45. Only Lucky people get challanges in life, because challanges makes you strong.
  46. Leave everything for your commitment, do war.
  47. भगवान को रोज याद करो उसके बाद कर्म आरंभ करो
  48. कर्त्तव्य कर्म, त्याग, तपस्या, आत्मा, स्थिर बुद्धि, एक भाव, इंद्रियां, Leader does things – people follows him, मन, फल, समभाव, ज्ञान, Mentor, Daily Practice, आशा इच्छा का त्याग, Focus, Always have eyes on the Goal, don’t get distracted, Will Power, ढोंगी नहीं बनें – ढोंगी पाखंडी व्यक्ती bhagwan श्रीकृष्ण को पसंद नही, भगवान श्रीकृष्ण को एकभाव वाला व्यक्ती प्रिय है, सच्चे मन से भगवान श्रीकृष्ण को याद करें, Live a lean life, कोई भी काम करो उस काम के प्रति श्रद्धा होनी चाहिए, हमेशा सही काम करना चाहिए, सादगी से रहो, अच्छे लोगों के साथ संगत रखो, ज्ञान हासिल करने की कोशिश करो, दुनिया से कोई मतलब न रखें bas अपना काम करें, आप देने वाला बनें भोगने वाला नहीं, अपना सब कुछ करते हुए कर्म के फल को त्यागना त्याग है ।
  49. Men only have value in society whwn they achieve something or if they are Resourceful.
  50. जीवन में कभी भी संघर्ष खत्म नहिं होता तो क्यूँ ना मज़ा लेके संघर्ष किया जाए, और जिसने भी मज़ा लेके संघर्ष किया उसने इस दुनिया पर राज किया ।
  51. Dareness, Enthusiasm, Confidence, ज्ञान, Utility, संघर्ष, Discipline, Focus
  52. सन्यास, साधना, त्याग, वनवास, तपस्या, ध्यान
  53. Success is the best revenge – Hardwork & Success से लोगों को जवाब दे।
  54. अपने मन को कभी disturb नहिं होने दें, disturbed मन वाला व्यक्ती कभी अपने goal को हासिल नहिं कर सकता।
  55. The Matrix (Outside World) is trying to manipulate you and trying to get used to their system – They want to make you a slave force.
  56. Life is like a chess board – always make the best possible move – Always analyse the chess baord before making a move – because at the end of the day only those wins who make the least mistakes.
  57. As a man, being strong is the only option you have.
  58. The best thing about being a man is you got to build your character from ground up, you are not born with any value, you are born as a blank slate, you decide what you want to write on that slate. You get to choose anything you want, but you gotta do it, its gonna be difficult its competitive.

The best of me is yet to come, only upwards from here.

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